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Rishad Premji
Rishad with family

Rishad Premji (chief strategy officer) of Wipro limited is the eldest son of the Indian business Giant, investor, Azim Premji, who is the chairman of Wipro limited and the Second richest person in India. He is born in Bangalore, India.
Rishad Premji was named as the successor of his father recently and will take over as chairman of the company in July 2019. Earlier, he was the chairman of NASSCOM for the year 2018-2019. He joined Wipro in the year 2007 as a business manager, later in 2010, Rishad Premji was elevated as chief strategy officer.

He studied in Cathedral and John Connon school (high school), Degree in B.A in economics from Wesleyan University, PG from MBA from Harvard University.

Rishad Premji

Work Experience/ Family

Chief strategy officer Wipro since 2010
Wife: Aditi Premji, She is a childhood friend
CHILDREN: Rohan Premji(son) and Rhea Premji (daughter)

PARENTS: Azim Premji (father)
Mohamed Hashem Premji ( grandfather)
Yasmeen Premji (mother)
Tariq Azim Premji (Brother)

Residence: Bangalore, Karnataka,India .


  Age    -   42 years
  Height  - 5.10 (approx)
  weight  -  75 kg (approx)
Rishad Premji

Unknown facts of Rishad Premji

  • He is recognized as 2014’s Young global leader
  • He was considered to be the second most eligible bachelor in India after Rahul Gandhi, till he tied the knot with his childhood friend Aditi at a ceremony held in Mumbai on August 2005
  • Though graduated from Wesleyan University, Rishad has learned one thing from his father, and that is to maintain a low profile.
  • Like everyone, Rishad too had to send in his resume for the job in Wipro.
  • Once Rishad was in London, he had sought his father’s permission to stay at the Wipro guesthouse. Azim Premji turned down the request, said it was company property.
  • Though Muslim, he visits temples
  • Before marriage, he was spotted on several occasions at late night parties in Bangalore along with Aditi.
  • He has a younger brother by name Tariq.
  • He is close to his mother.
Rishad Premji

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