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Dutee Chand is an Indian sprinter. Here I have covered the total information of Dutee who is one of the famous women personalities to get inspired from. She came from a below poverty family,  

She is an Indian professional sprinter. She is a national champion in the women’s 100metre event.

Dutee Chand Husband

Dutee Chand Biography, Early Life

Dutee Chand whom we normally call as Chand was born on 3rd Feb 1996 in Odisha from the district of Jaipur. Her mother name is Akhuji Chand and her father name is Chakradhar Chand, professionally they weavers, belongs to below poverty family. She has one elder sister named Saraswati, from whom she got the source of inspiration.

Dutee Chand Husband

Husband: We have no records of Dutee Chand Husband

It is very hard to fulfill their basic needs, even sometimes they were unable to feed proper food.

Dutee Chand Love Story

Dutee Chand Husband: Dutee Chand has expressed her same-sex love story with Monalisa in an interview recently. She also said that her love is pure and will be forever. She also said that her love will not weaken for criticism

Dutee Chand Family

By observing their family situation, she decided firmly that, she have to change her family’s position and took it as a challenge for herself. She is the girl who shows more interest in sports, she worked very hard to reach her achievements. She has chosen to became an athlete.

She supported her sister a lot and encouraged more to participate in games rather than studies. Apart from this, Chand also showed interest in her studies, she completed her school near to her hometown. In the year 2013 she got admission in KIIT University to pursue law. Presently she is working as an executive officer in PSU the Odisha mining corporation limited.

Dutee Chand Records /Achievements

At the age of three many of the parents send their child to school but whereas Dutee Chand’s parents sent her to practice running. Their parents were illiterate they supported a lot for her career, she always used to say that this could have happened due to the encouragement of her parents and her efforts, where she got inspired from her sister Saraswati Chand an athlete.

Dutee Chand Age

She received a number of medals at her younger age that made her to participate in the Olympics. Many of her friends and relatives supported and encouraged a lot, this led her to move forward in her career.

She said that Running is everything to her, there is nothing to her before this sport. She used to work hard and a put lot of efforts on it. She never expected the present position.

Dutee Chand height

In the year 2016, she got selected as a contestant to participate in the Summer Olympics. In that, she ran 100 meters in 11.59 seconds and didn’t get select in her preliminary round. Even though she didn’t stop her practice.

She learned a lot from her failure and thought this should not be repeated for next time and she started practising more and more. Finally, she received a silver medal at Jakarta  Asian games. It was her first medal to receive. Since 1998 no one came forward and achieved it from Indian women’s side.

Dutee Chand Career

In the year 2012 when she was at the of 18 years old, she was selected as an under 18 and clocked 11.8 seconds in the 100-metre event, hence became a national champion.

In the year 2013, she won a bronze medal in women’s 200-metre event within 23.811 seconds at Asian athletics championships which were conducted at Pune. In 2013 world youth championships were held.

She got selected in the pursuit of both 100 & 200-meter running event and became a national champion in both the event i.e 11.73 seconds in 100-meter event, and 23.73 seconds in 200-meter event at national senior athletics championships at Ranchi.

After winning these two events, she felt very much happy and many of them congratulated on her success and hoped that she will definitely win the gold medal in upcoming event.


As many of them thought that she would get gold medal, Chand was dropped in the commonwealth games which were held in the year 2014, the athletic federation of India at last moment of her participation in CWG stated that she has more natural levels of testosterone than that of normal women have that we call as “hyperandrogenism”, so she is ineligible candidate to participate in this event as a women.

By hearing the statement from the “Athletics commonwealth of India”  she felt very sad and she was in out of the mood. She said that “this is the only way I know to live and without it I am nothing”, she also said that it was it not her mistake to born like this, and its God make.

She told that she knew only to work hard in life. Some of them advise her to go through surgery or therapy so that she may have chances to participate in other events but she was not in the stage of listening to anyone.

Dutee Chand Coach

Dutee Chand Coach


In the year 2016 Dutee Chand clocked 11.33 seconds, she has broken her records by herself, she missed the Rio Olympics qualification, but finally, again she came forward on 25 June 2016. Dutee broke the same record twice in one day by 11.24 seconds at the xxvi international Memorial at Almaty.

She felt very happy with her success and thanked her coach a lot on supporting and encouraging her. She also thanked all the people who prayed for her success.

At RIO 2016, she became the 3rd women to participate in women’s 100 metres but she didn’t get success and she clocked 100-meter event in 11.69 seconds.


In the year 2017, at the Asian Athletics Championship, she got two medals, i.e one in 100 meters running event and another in women’s 400-meter relay.

Dutee Chand Latest 2018

In the year 2018, she got selected and participated in the Asian games in the women’s 100-meter event and won silver medal by clocking 100 meters in 11.32 seconds

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