Richa Bhadra (Khichdi Actress) Biography, Wiki, Weight, Marriage, Rumors, and More


Richa Bhadra, who is popularly known as a child actress in Indian Television. She is in the news these days. She played daughter role to Hansa in the popular Hindi television show Khichdi. She is best known for her role as Mitali Thakkar in the television show (Comedy) Baa Bahoo Aur Baby.

She had also done a character in Mrs.Tendulkar in 2011. At that time she was in 11th standard. She acts as a lazy person who always depends on others to do her tasks. She always dreams to run away from home and get married to Prasad


She started acting from a very young age in 2002 with Hats Off Productions. She likes comedy roles.

In an interview, she revealed that constant body-shaming and casting couch are the 2 reasons which made her take a decision to stay away from the world of Showbiz.

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Richa Bhadra also said, “After marriage, I was auditioning at a couple of places and I was asked to compromise. I came across a casting director who said, “Keep me happy and I will give you work.” He asked me to come to a Hotel when I suggested to meet at Coffee Shop, she added.

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She is very clear that she is not taking new projects. Her family doesn’t want to see her romance on the screen.

Richa Bhadra had also faced body shaming. She was very often asked to do a ‘fat girl role’ on the demand of the script. She was even asked to lose weight if she want new roles. She has strongly decided not to lose weight just for the acting purpose.

She also said “That was the end to all my aspirations which I had in the industry. I didn’t want to ruin the image which I had built as a child actor,”

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Currently, Richa Bhadra is enjoying her marital life and working with her husband in a corporate company.

Richa Bhadra Television Dramas

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby
Khichdi/Instant Khichd
Mrs. Tendulkar

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