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Bill Gates is the innovator of Microsoft he is very hardworking since childhood. His birthday is on 28th of October in the year 1955.He was born in the city Seattle, Washington. He was interested in Computer Programming since childhood.

Bill Gates


Name William Henry “Bill” Gates.
Nick Name  Trey.
DOB October 28, 1955.
Age 64 Years (As on March 2020)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio.
Place of Birth Seattle, Washington, USA.
Profession  Entrepreneur, American business Magnate, Investor, Author and Philanthropist.
school Lakeside School.
College  Harvard College, Harvard University.
Educational Qualification Graduation.
Hobbies  Playing Golf and Tennis.
Caste Not known. It will be updated soon.
Religion Christianity (He attends a Roman Catholic Church).
Nationality  American.

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Family Stats

Father William H. Gates Sr..
Mother Mary Maxwell Gates.
Brother Not known. It will be updated soon.
Sister Libby Gates,Kristi Gates.
Marital Status Married.
Affairs Not known. It will be updated soon.

Body Stats

Height 5’ 9” inches approximately.
Weight 70 kg.
Body Measurements Not known. It will be updated soon.
Hair Color Grey.
Eye Color Greyish Blue.


Favorite Food Thai and Indian food,
Favorite Color Brown.
Favorite Singer Not known. It will be updated soon.
Favorite Sport Hockey.
Favorite Destination Paris.
Favorite Actors Charlie chaplin.
Favorite Actress Not known. It will be updated soon.

Social Media Profiles



He showed interest in Computer Programming at the age of just 13, due to which he started making new business plans and aggressive business strategy through technology.

After some time he and his partner Paul Allen together started the world’s largest software business – “Microsoft“. Today he is the richest person in the world on the strength of Microsoft Business.

He had the same parents and all parents. He loved to live an ordinary life. Bill Gates ‘father William Henry Gates was a law student, he later pursued a career in advocacy, and his father wanted him to pursue a career in law.

When William Henry Gates was a student of law, he first met Bill Gates’ mother, Mary Maxwell, who was also a good player while studying at the University of Washington.

Bill Gates’s mother currently guides students in the same university. Bill Gates used to play gymnast with his family during the summer holidays, only then did Bill get an idea of ​​the struggle going on in the world at an early age.

His mother loved teaching children. His mother spent all her time studying children’s, making her career. Bill Gates’ mother used to take Bill with him to different schools and institutions in his social service work.

He and his children were like, but there was one thing in them that separated them from the oars. He was hungry for studies since childhood, he still likes to study for many hours a day.

Bill Gates
with  Paul Allen

In his school days, he was very good at reading, he was smart, but soon he would get bored. Between 11-12 age, Bill’s family members used to worry that Bill should not read alone.

Like Bill Gates’ parents and his people started worrying about his child, due to which his parents were convinced to give him public education.

By the time he was 13 years, his family enrolled him at Seattle Lakeside School, which was an elementary school.

He was doing great in all subjects, but the special thing was that his ability to understand mathematics and science was very good and at the same time he used to participate in school plays.

A Seattle Computer Company at Bill Gates’s Lakeside School gave students computers to learn and learn computers. Soon Bill Gates’ interest in computers started increasing and he used to give more and more time to computers.

What is computer programming? They used to spend many hours to learn this.

At Lakeside School, Bill met Paul Allen, who was two years older than him. Due to the ideas and thoughts of their computer, both had become very good friends, while in other things, their ideas were not mixed at all.

Now there used to be so much in friendship that both of them would sometimes argue that who is right, who is better and more capable of running the computer lab of their school.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates with Roger Federer

Bill Gates and Alan were forced to stop the computer facilities available in their school, as both of them spent all their time in the lab while teaching their computers and sparring with the company’s software.

After some time, both of them were allowed to come to the lab again on the condition that they remove the error from the program. At the same time, Bill Gates created another software program which was used in the time schedule of the school.

In 1970, Bill Gates was only 15 years old, Bill Gates moved to the business with his friend Paul Allen. He created a “Traf-O-Data” program which kept an eye on the traffic pattern of Seattle City and tried to improve it.

He received $ 20,000 for this effort, which was his first earnings. Yes, Bill Gates’s first gross was $ 20,000.

Harvard University, which is considered to be a university, in which people from abroad and countries are working in line to study, they work hard. Bill Gates’ parents got Bill Gates enrolled in this college.

Bill’s parents wanted Bill to become a lawyer and pursue a career in advocacy since his childhood. At the behest of parents, Bill enrolled at Harvard University.

Looking at Bill’s childhood, it seemed that Bill’s mind does not seem to be in advocacy, he is just doing the law at the behest of his parents.

Bill Gates and his friend Allen were completely involved in software work, due to which Microsoft started the company in 1975. Initially this company was known as Micro-Soft.

Bill and Allen first created a program called Basic, the popular programming language of microcomputers. This attempt was successful.
Then he also worked for other systems. Bill Gates’s Microsoft skyrocketed | In about five years, Microsoft started appearing in the world.

Bill Gates with wife Melinda Ann Gates

In 1980, International Business Machines (IBM) received an offer asking Microsoft to write a “basic interpreter” for their upcoming personal computer.

Microsoft designed an operating system called PC DOS for IBM and the fee was given by IBM for $ 50,000, which at that time was considered very high.

Personal life

He and Allen first created a program called Basic, the popular programming language of microcomputers. This attempt was successful.
Then he also worked for other systems. Bill Gates’s Microsoft skyrocketed | In about five years, Microsoft started appearing in the world.

In 1980, International Business Machines (IBM) received an offer asking Microsoft to write a “basic interpreter” for their upcoming personal computer.

Microsoft designed an operating system called PC DOS for IBM and the fee was given by IBM for $ 50,000, which at that time was considered very high.
He has got married to Melinda, who lived in France, in 1994. In 1996 Jennifer gave birth to Katherine Gates.

Bill he and Melinda had two more children named Rory John Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates.

Currently he lives with his family in his beautiful home in Medina, Washington, which costs $ 1.25 million.

Life in microsoft windows

Microsoft operating was in the public eye overnight, Microsoft operating became famous all over the world, due to which on 20 November 1985, Microsoft put the operating system called “Windows” in front of the world.

The operating system for Microsoft DOS (DOS) worked like a shell. There was so much strength in the work of WINDOWS that it had completely captured its reputation overnight in the personal computer market of the world by talent.

Success in ms windows

90% of personal computer shares are named Windows. The Microsoft company gained a lot of prestige, a huge share of Microsoft was that of Bill Gates, due to which he earned a lot of income and due to which in 1987, he was first considered the world’s richest man.

Bill Gates became the richest man in the world due to his experience of 11 years. In 1989, Microsoft opened its office with “Microsoft Office” which had a package. In that package many applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel can be run simultaneously in the same system.

Microsoft’s quality became so popular that it monopolized the personal computer. Internet was introduced in 1990, at that time he was engaged in Microsoft and was paying full attention to the development of Microsoft so that they could provide a good solution to their customers through Internet.

The Windows CE operating system platform and the The Microsoft Network were one of the great developments of that time.

Now in 2000, he resigned from the post of CEO (CEO) in a Microsoft company, but he is still present as Chairman. A new position in Microsoft’s company was made “Chief Software Architect”.

He is a great donor to the heart, he has made a lot of donations and has paid a lot of attention to philanthropic work except Microsoft.

In 2014, in the month of February, he also took leave from the post of Chairman and started working as the Technology Advisor of Microsoft CEO “Satya Nadella”. He is still among the rich people of the world.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates start Foundation

In 2000, Bill Gates together with his wife laid the foundation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the world’s largest Charitable Foundation run by transparency.

His foundation donated funds.

In 2000, Bill Gates along with his wife built the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. The name of this foundation comes in the largest private foundation in the world, which aims to increase the health of people in the society and reduce extreme poverty worldwide.

In 2010, He entered into an agreement with “Warren Buffett“, one of the most eminent men in the world and the founder of Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in which he would donate half of his earnings.

His childhood childhood name was “Trey”.

He used to tell his friends etc. in his childhood that he would become a millennial by the age of 30 and the truth that he had become a millennial at the age of 31.

He was arrested by the police in 1977 in New Mexico for driving without a license.

In 1994, a collection of pages written by Leonadro da Vinci, “Codex Lester“, was purchased by Bill Gates at an auction for $ 30.8 million.

Bill Gates was sad that he did not know the language of any other country.
After meeting Facebook co-founder Mark, Bill Gates created his account on Facebook for the first time before he was not on social media.

n 2007, Bill Gates was awarded a honors degree by HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Bill Gates left HARVARD UNIVERSITY 32 years ago in the middle of his studies.

Gates has been declared as number one in Forbes’ World’s Richest People category for 11 consecutive years.

Bill Gates with Hawking

Some lesser known facts

Does he smoke? : Not known

Does he drink alcohol? : Yes.

His mother loves to encourage children as well as to make donations as a social worker to overcome social differences.

At the age of just 13, he made his first computer program Tic-Tac-Toe.
His favorite book is “Business Adventure“.

He has given only 10 million dollars to his children just after that no remaining assets will be given.

The foundation of the world’s largest software company was laid by him .

He earned $ 4,200 by making computer programs while taking education in school.

He comes to India every year to do important work for the poor of India.
If the Microsoft company had failed, he would have been an explorer in Artificial Intelligence.

1999, Bill Gates donated $ 20 million to MIT College to build a computer lab. The lab was named “William H Gates Building”.

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