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Bhavik Sarkhedi Biography/Wiki

Bhavik Sarkhedi is born in 1992. He has a verified Google Knowledge Graph ( He runs an independent firm which is one of the highest-rated content marketing service providers (

He had published 3 books – The Weak Point Dealer, Will You Walk A Mile? and The C to T of Content Marketing. He also did stand up comedy shows on weekends. Basically, he is a storyteller.

He did B.E. Mechanical Engineering (2010-2014)

He is a non-materialistic, sarcastic, optimistic, enthusiastic, introvert, passionate and ambitious person who wants to go to Alaska and see ‘Northern Lights’, just to see the most beautiful phenomenon of God.

He has tattoos all over his body. He thinks it has helped him to focus on his passion and ambition round the clock. he sees it; he reminded of it.

When asked Bhavik Sarkhedi to share a memorable anecdote from your life …”Led by the society to pursue Mechanical Engineering, I somehow completed it and even started doing a job with a handsome salary, but it wasn’t too late when my conscience begged me to do what I loved. Yes, I have been writing a personal diary since I was 9. (I have it all – I can show you all 12 diaries = 12*365 pages of content). There was no turning back. The smart decision of 2015 has turned worth as I am sincerely applying to be a TED speaker, and that too, with confidence.

Rapid Fire with Bhavik Sarkhedi

  • Talent that couldn’t come out till date: Rapping, Standup comedy, Right-arm fast bowling
  • On Google100+ Quotes, 100+ Images, 250+ Articles, 35+ Publications/ Blogs, 3 Books (The Weak Point Dealer, Will You Walk A Mile? & The C to T of Content Marketing)
  • Offline Achievements: 10+ Personal Diaries, 6 Years of Freelancing, Mechanical Engineer.
  • My muse: Reddit and Twitter
  • Endless TED like Talk Topics: Philosophy & Psychology
  • Other names: Dude, Dealer, Bk, The Unproposed Guy, The lame loader, Douchebag’s Dude.
  • Places you will find Bhavik Sarkhedi : I write Quotes on Goodreads. I am active on Reddit & Twitter and there’s a place called ‘Solitude’
  • Untold dream: Walk on Times Square, New York.
  • Favorite Phrase: I express & I evolve. Karma is real. You love things & people you hate yesterday. You hate people & things you love yesterday.
  • What makes me smile: Writing a letter to my parents. Gifting to the unknown but needy. Talking to the aged people. Learning from the smarter.
  • Motivation & Inspiration: Eminem and MS Dhoni
  • Incident that shook me: Ask me personally.
  • Movies for life: La la Land. The Green Mile.
  • Blessing for life: My writing
  • Curse for life: My writing
  • Book for life: The Alchemist
  • Song for life: Faded & Not afraid
  • Season for life: Breaking Bad. Favorite Artist: Alan Walker, Eminem.
  • Worst fear of life: I am alone. I have lived in solitude. I might be lonely someday, forever.
  • Biggest Joy of life: I behaved normally. I cared accordingly. I lived ostensibly. That’s it. That’s all about Bhavik Sarkhedi.

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