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What is 123MKV

123Mkv is a website where you can find the latest movies from the New Bollywood, South, Telugu, Hollywood. If you are interested in watching new movies then, this is the exact place to visit. In this article, we will discuss all about the website, how to download, watch and many more

It started as a small website with a few movies on its website, but over time the website released the latest films. This attracted new visitors to the page

Since it is always a violation of copyright, the government blocks the URL used on the internet. But the website is not only intelligent but also fast. They change websites quickly and update with new dynamic URLs.

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Is it Legal to watch movies from 123MKV?

It is Illegal. The illegal reason is that they make movies without proper copyright permission from the owner. Under Indian law, such behavior is prohibited That is why the Indian government blocks 123 MKV from time to time. But in this technology era, it’s impossible to block everything every time.

123 MKV gives you the opportunity to get free movies. There are many times when you work hard without a break.

Many people can’t control the excitement of a newly released movie. They visit the website when they are not able to go to the nearest movie theater or watch high-priced movies. You can watch movies that have just released at 123 MKV without paying any money.

123 MKV is a website that gives you the opportunity to receive your favorite movies. You can watch the latest videos from 123 mkv online or download from the website to watch later.

You can watch the latest movies in different languages ​​from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and, Dubbed movies.

You can watch movies with MP3, HD, Full HD, 300MB, and 123 mkv in dual audio formats.

Latest Movies

  • Coolie number1
  • Mirzapur series 2
  • World Famous Lover Full Movie Download
  • Pressure Cooker Telugu Full Movie Download
  • Palasa 1978
  • Sarileru Neekevvaru Full Movie download
  • Bheeshma Telugu Full Movie Download

Is it safe to use 123 MKV

And when we talk about the torrent website 123mkv, they are not responsible for any content on their website. 123 MKV says that they will not make movies on their website. But will use links from other websites and display them on the 123 MKV website, so we must be very careful when downloading any files from unknown sources such as the 123mkv site. The most important thing today is our data. Everyone can use it incorrectly.

Many people all over the world use Android phones. In general, Android is an easy target for hackers. Easily access your system with your image or video file. In fact, they can do internal coding of video files and when someone installs this video, malware will be installed on their system. Hackers can hack your system and steal your personal information easily.


App Identify123Mkv
Model of APKv3.0
File Dimension of App1.Four MB
Requirement For ApkAndroid 4.Zero and above
Languages AssistEnglish
License KindFree

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123MKV Latest Links

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123 Mkv.lite123 Mkv.starm123 Mkv.malayalam
123 Mkv.app123 Mkv.punjab123 Mkv.Hollywood
123Mkv.new123 Mkv.telugu123 Mkv.marathi
123 Mkv.bhojpuri123 Mkv.Kannada123 Mkv.pakistan
123 Mkv.proxy123 Mkv.lite123 Mkv.vpn

How do 123MKV earn Money?

These kind of websites uses pop up ads for making money. When a user visits a website and interacts with the website, the pop ups appear. They route them to another websites. Though the money earned through these ads is less, the amount of visitors make more money. Simple more number of visits more amount of money

Alternatives of 123MKV


Categories available

Latest Movies
Hindi Movies
Bollywood Movies
Bollywood Full Movies 2020 downloads
Hollywood Hindi Dubbed
English Movies
Hindi Dubbed
South Dubbed

123MKV App

The team of 123 MKV has developed an app for its users. With the app you can watch unlimited movies for free. No need for registration. This app is compatible with all smart phones


Piracy is illegal and we do not support any kind of piracy. It is illegal to view copyrighted content for free. Here we only advise you how to use the app, We only provide detailed tutorials on the websites. This is only for training and information. We do not own the copyright on the logos and trademarks published here.

Final words: Piracy has a severe impact on filmmakers. Many producers went of huge losses because of Piracy. Many people are involved in making a movie. We request our readers not to encourage piracy.

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